Care Information

Follow these helpful tips to care for your product to ensure their longevity!


We recommend keeping your earrings in a cool dry spot, somewhere where they can't be lost or broken. Whilst polymer clay is durable and strong, it does need to be cared for correctly to ensure its longevity. Avoid showering or swimming. If you find any stains or makeup marks on your earrings, wipe them with a damp cloth. If you still can't get the stain off, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. If your earrings contains a varnish or gold leaf, we do not recommend using rubbing alcohol.

Earrings are small items, and present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave earrings near small children to play with or chew. Keep them away from young children or maintain direct supervision at all times.

Refunds and returns will not be given for products more than 6 months old. If you earring has broken or is damaged, please contact us to discuss. No refund or return will be given for earrings damaged, lost or broken due to improper storage and care.



Depending on your fibre content, most of our handmade toys and blankets can be washed. 

Cotton handmade toys can be washed on a warm/cold delicate cycle. You can also hand wash your toy with some wool wash in a sink. Let it dry completely in the sun, a tumble dryer is not recommended. If your toy just needs to be washed in one particular area to remove a stain, we recommend using a cloth and some water, and dabbing on the spot. You may need to use a little wool wash depending on the stain, and then leave to dry.

Blankets can be washed on cool delicate cycles, or again, hand washed in a sink with wool wash. Let it dry naturally, and do not use a tumble dryer.

Refund and returns will not be give for handmade crocheted items if they have not been cared for correctly.