Crochet Keychain Wristlet

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These wristlet chains are perfect to hang your keys from, or other keyrings you want to attach. These crochet keychains are made from hand dyed yarn. Each keychain will look different to each other, and the keyring colours will not look exactly the same as the photos, due to the nature of hand dyed yarn. 

This colour-way has tones of grey, brown, white, blue, teal.

Every care has been taken to reflect the accuracy of the colours. If you are buying more than one of the same colour, please be mindful that no keychain will look the exact same as another. However, your keyring will always be made from the same skein of yarn if ordering multiple of the same colour

Each crochet keychain measures approximately 7-7.5 inches / 18cm  from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the yarn loop. 

Please hand wash only using warm water. 

Yarn & Pattern credits:
Hand dyed yarn created by Fibre Lily
Halycon keychain designed by Christina Ann @christina.ann.studios