Sammy the Shark Crochet Pattern

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Sammy is a gentle giant of the sea who loves to surf. He first discovered the sport whilst watching a surfing competition in Australia, and has excelled in the sport ever since. He occasionally offers lessons to his fish friends. During office hours, Sammy plays an important role in maintaining ocean health and species diversity. Sammy and his close friends often have a bad reputation amongst the humans, but Sammy likes to steer clear of them. After all, he just wants to share the waves and have a good time.
This PDF crochet Pattern contains 6 pages of information and photos.

Pattern details:

- This pattern uses US crochet terminology
- The pattern is worked in rounds & rows.
- Skill level is beginner


I have used DMC Natura Just Cotton with the colours:
003 - Sable - grey (1x 50g)
035 - Nacar - white (25 g)
006 - Rose Layet - pink (less than 25 g)
100 - Aqua - blue (less than 25g)
081 - Acanthe - orange (less than 25g)
078 - Lin - brown (scrap yarn, less than 25 g)

Black embroidery thread
A 2.25 mm crochet hook
Safety eyes (7 mm)
Toy stuffing
Yarn needle
Stitch Markers

You can use any yarn of your choice, just adjust your crochet hook according to the yarn fibre.


Millie measures approximately 15.5 cm // 6 inches, when made with the above materials.


You may sell items (in small quantities only) created from this pattern, provided credit is given in any listings or advertising as per below:
"Pattern designed by Blue Sparrow Handmade @bluesparrowhandmade"
This digital PDF crochet Pattern contains 8 pages of information and photos.