Disclaimers & Terms and Conditions

Refunds & Cancellations

We do not offer refunds or exchanges if you change your mind, all sales are final.

In the unlikely event your product arrives incorrect and not in accordance to the product description or order, please contact us immediately at contact@bluesparrowhandmade.com.au within 3 business days of your product arriving (we will check the tracking) and we will arrange either a replacement or refund at our discretion. We may ask for photos in order to assess your claim.


Whilst all products we sell are made using supplies from reputable, registered and compliant companies, we can not guarantee that the products we sell or supplies used in our products, will not cause any allergic reactions, illnesses or injuries.
All products are made with care, and are not designed or intended to harm, deceive or cause any pain or suffering to any customers.
All products must be used in accordance to their use as listed in the product description. No item on our site should be used outside of their intended purpose or use, as this may result in injury or illness.
We accept no liability for any injuries or illnesses caused by our products.


We can not guarantee that any products created, or supplies used in our products, will not cause allergic reactions.
  • Dyes used in Yarn / Wool may cause allergic reactions
  • Vinyl used in Vinyl Products may cause allergic reactions
  • Craft Items have been made in home environments which are susceptible to coming into contact with pets (cats and dogs), other animals and food products such as nuts & dairy.
  • All items are made in a non smoking environment, however we can not guarantee that any supplies used in our products haven’t been around smoking or other toxins.
  • Sticker Paper and Printer Ink may cause allergic reactions
  • Products on our site may use glue and adhesive products which may cause reactions, & long term illnesses. All glues and adhesives used are craft store approved glues.

Choking Hazard

All items are intended for adult use only; Children should not be allowed unattended - they must be supervised by an adult when using any of our products or playing with crochet toys, as items (such as the safety eyes, loose bits of yarn, animal stuffing) can be a choking hazard if swallowed.
  • No item on our site is to be, or intended to be, consumed. All products if swallowed will be a choking hazard, and / or may cause further injuries or illnesses.
  • Vinyl labels and decals must not be swallowed, eaten or tasted.
  • Tote Bags straps and handles can cause strangulation and choking if the item is placed around the neck. Bags should only be held in the hand or hanged on the shoulder only.
  • Crystal Rhinestones are a choking hazard, please do not swallow or allow children to play with or chew.
  • Stitch markers are a choking hazard

Injuries and Illnesses

All products should only be used for their intended purpose only, otherwise they may cause injury and illnesses.
  • Key rings may cause pinch point injuries, so please exercise caution when using them.
  • Whilst the tote bags we use are durable and can handle lots of items, injury may be caused if too much is placed into the bag.
  • Caution must be taken when applying vinyl decals especially to breakable surfaces such as glass. As the customer chooses where to apply the vinyl decal, it is your responsibility to choose a surface that is not likely to break or cause any injury when the vinyl is being applied.
  • All pins sold on our site have a sharp end to them and will cause injury if appropriate care is not taken when pinning onto a bag, shirt. Pins should not be used around children without adult supervision.

Flammable Items

All items on our site must not be exposed to an open fire as they may be flammable.
  • Some products use glue and adhesive products which may be flammable.
  • Yarn, Crochet toys are made with yarn and stuffing which may be flammable.
  • Stickers are made with paper backing which is flammable.


The contents of our site, including product details & pricing is for your general information only and is subject to change without notice. The disclaimers and terms & conditions on this page and site, may change regularly and without notice. It is your responsibility to check regularly for this information.
By using, visiting, reading and purchasing from our website you agree to comply with our terms and conditions of this site. If you disagree with any part of our website or terms and conditions you must not use this website.

Digital Files 

All designs are to our knowledge are original and are copyrighted. They must not be redistributed, sold or shared to anyone else without explicit permission in writing, by Blue Sparrow Handmade.
We do permit small businesses and crafters to use these patterns and graphic designs to create a finished product to sell however they must;
  • Not re-sell, share, distribute or copy our patterns and designs.
  • Credit must be given to Blue Sparrow Handmade when using these products, and this can be done by crediting our Instagram account or referencing our website in the product description.
  • Patterns are instantly downloadable once purchased and are in a PDF format, it is the consumers responsibility to be able to use a PDF documents and know their computer requirements.
  • Digital graphic designs are an instantly downloadable ZIP file. It is the consumers responsibility to be able to use a ZIP file, and know their computer requirements.
We take no reusability for any damage or problems caused by the computer to which the consumer uses when using or downloading our digital patterns and designs.


  • All vinyl decals and products are made with a premium and permanent adhesive vinyl. Our Supplier advises the vinyl has a 2-5 year lifespan if cared for correctly as per the product description.
  • Hand wash only with warm water with, no scrubbing, no dishwasher & no tumble dry use.
  • As the vinyl is a permanent adhesive, if it is forcibly removed it may cause damage to the item it has been placed onto (ie; paint off a vehicle). It is the customers discretion as to where they place the vinyl, we take no reusability for any damaged caused to any property as a result of this.
  • Application instruction are provided with every vinyl order. Instructions must be followed. We are not liable for, or take no responsibility for any injuries or illnesses caused when applying vinyl; as it is the customers discretion and choice as to where they apply their vinyl. They must choose a surface that is free form any sharp objects or runs a risk of being damaged if any pressure is applied to that item.
  • Vinyl is not to be swallowed, tasted or eaten.

Limited Warranties

We do not provide any warranty or guarantees as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance or completeness or suitability of the information and materials offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that this information may contain errors or inaccuracies and we expressly exclude liability for any inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
It is your responsibility to ensure products and services meet your requirements.
Any content on this website must not be copied, redistributed or republished.