Eco-Friendly Packaging

We believe in using eco-friendly packaging as much as possible. See what we're doing to be more sustainable, and how you can dispose of your happy mail packaging correctly.

If you do not own a compost bin, you can visit Share Waste to find your nearest compost drop off location, or for Australian residents, please visit here.



Your product may be sent in a compostable mailer. The mailer can be reused a second time by cutting along the dotted line when you open your panel. When disposing of your mailer, cut it up into smaller pieces and place in your compost bin.

How to reuse HeroPack Mailers


If your packaging contains clear tape, it is compostable. Simply rip the tape off any packaging and place it in your compostable bin.


If you packaging contains recycled water based brown tape, it is both recyclable and compostable.


If you item has come in a cardboard recycled box, simply remove any shipping labels or tape, and place in your recycling bin.


Your shipping label is compostable and contains no plastic. Simply cut up the label (if it's on a compostable satchel) and place in your compost bin. If your shipping label is placed onto a box, simply peel off the label, cut it up and place in the compost bin, so your box can be placed separately in the recycling bin. 


Instead of using bubblewrap, your item may have been wrapped in recycle hex wrap. It is recyclable and compostable. 


Any tissue paper in your package can be re-used or recycled.