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Blue Sparrow Handmade

Winter Snowman Crochet Pattern

Winter Snowman Crochet Pattern

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Winter Snowman Amigurumi Crochet Pattern.

Blitz’ favourite time of the year is Christmas, followed by any day in winter. He adores being  outside on cold crisp mornings, and being able to watch the sunrise. During the winter months, Bltiz will don his favourite hat and Christmas coloured scarf (which he proudly made himself), and wonder through the forests to sight native birds. You see, Blitz has been working hard to finish his thesis on native small birds. During Christmas, Blitz is often recognised by small children as a snowman.

This PDF crochet Pattern contains 6 pages of information and photos.

Pattern details:

- This pattern uses US crochet terminology
- The pattern is worked in rounds.
- Skill level is beginner- intermediate
- Basic crochet skills are required (this tutorial will not teach you how to crochet)

 I have used DMC Natura Just Cotton yarn with the colours:

035 - Nacar - white (1x 50g ball)
081 - Acanthe - orange (less than 10g)
041 - Siena - brown (less than 25g)
078 - Lin - dark grey (less than 15 g)
044 - Agatha - light brown (less than 15g)
054 - Green Smoke - green (less than 10g)
034 - Bourgogne - red (less than 10g)
037 - Canelle - gold (less than 10g)
082 - Lobelia - pink (less than 10g)

Safety Eyes 6mm for small eyes or 8mm for larger eyes
Black embroidery thread
A 2.5 mm crochet hook
Toy stuffing
Yarn/Embroidery needle
Stitch Markers

You can use any yarn of your choice, just adjust your crochet hook according to the yarn.

Caution: If this toy is intended for a baby/small child, embroidered eyes are recommended. If you choose to use safety eyes, be sure to attach them securely. Make sure all yarn ends are thoroughly weaved in. Supervision around children is recommended.


Blitz the Snowman measures approximately 17 cm // 7 inches, when made with the above materials.


You may sell items (in small quantities only) created from this pattern, provided credit is given in any listings or advertising as per below:
"Pattern designed by Blue Sparrow Handmade @bluesparrowhandmade"

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