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Blue Sparrow Handmade

Bee & Ladybug Crochet Patterns - Bundle

Bee & Ladybug Crochet Patterns - Bundle

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Crochet Amigurumi Bee & Lady Bug Patterns.

This is a bundle pack of 2 crochet patterns. It includes Cleo the ladybug & Bumble the Bee. You can purchase these patterns individually if you like on seperate listings. 

Bumble is a sweet and friendly bee who loves to roam the outdoors on sunny days, and explore the many flowers his town has to offer. Spring is his favourite season as he gets to meet lots of new bees! Although, he sometimes incurs some unfriendly humans who always seem to shriek at him when he flies by. He often ponders why. Bumble owns his own honey farm, and offers lots of delicious jars of honey at the local markets. When not working, he loves to don his hip leaf headband and visit his close friend, Cleo the lady bug.

Cleo is a shy, but sweet lady bug who loves to roam the outdoors. She can easily spend all day laying on nice leaf, baking in the warmth of the sun. Cleo works part time as an environmental construction consultant, providing useful tips on eco friendly initiatives across the construction industry. When not working, Cleo loves to don a pretty headband and visit her close friend, Bumble the bee.

Each PDF crochet pattern contains 7 pages of information and photos.

Pattern details:

- This pattern uses US crochet terminology
- The pattern is worked in rounds & rows.
- Skill level is beginner-intermediate


I have used DMC Natura Just cotton yarn with the colours:

Bumble the bee:
083 - Ble - yellow (1x 50g ball)
044 - Agatha - dark grey (1 x 50g ball)
087 - Glacier - light blue (1 x 50g ball)
079 - Tilleul- light green (less than 25g)
001 - Ibiza - white (less than 25g)
037 - Canelle - gold (less than 25g)
082 - Lobelia - rose (less than 25g)

Cleo the ladybug:
044 - Agatha - dark grey (1x 50g ball)
082 - Lobelia - light pink (1 x 50g ball)
052 - Geranium - dark pink (1 x 50g ball)
035 - Nacar- off white (less than 25g)
001 - Ibiza - white (less than 25g)
083 - Ble - yellow (less than 25g)
079 - Tilleul - light green (less than 25g)

Black & white embroidery thread
A 2.25 mm crochet hook
Safety eyes (8 mm)
Toy stuffing
Yarn needle
Stitch Markers
small piece of cardboard

You can use any yarn of your choice, just adjust your crochet hook according to the yarn fibre.


Bumble & Cleo measure approximately 20 cm // 8 inches, when made with the above materials.


You may sell items (in small quantities only) created from this pattern, provided credit is given in any listings or advertising as per below:
"Pattern designed by Blue Sparrow Handmade @bluesparrowhandmade"
This digital PDF crochet Pattern contains 8 pages of information and photos.

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