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Blue Sparrow Handmade

Seagull Crochet Pattern

Seagull Crochet Pattern

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Seagull Crochet Amigurumi Pattern.

Meet Chip! He’s an eccentric, chirpy bird who loves fish and chips. Every day he goes down to the local beach to find food in order to support his growing family.

He tries to ask politely for food but he just gets lots of waves and shouts. He suspects there might be a language barrier with the humans.

Nevertheless, Chip was very proud of his haul today. He found several fries and a red emperor fish left unattended.

It was a great day at the office.


I have used DMC Natura Just cotton yarn with the colours:

001 - Ibiza - white (1x 50g ball)

083 - Ble - yellow (less than 25g)

081 - Acanthe - light orange (less than 25g )

056 - Azur - dark blue (less than 25g)

087 -  Glacier - light blue (less than 25g)

003 - Sable - light grey (less than 25g)

078 - Lin - dark grey (less than 25g)

037- Canelle - gold (less than 25g)

014 - Natura “Yummy” Ixoxia - salmon (less than 25g)

  Black embroidery thread 

  A 2.25 mm crochet hook

  Safety eyes (8 mm)

  Toy stuffing

Yarn needle

Stitch Markers



You can use any yarn of your choice, just adjust your crochet hook according to the yarn fibre.


Skill level: beginner-intermediate

Size: Chip measures approximately 19 cm // 7.5 inches, when made with the above materials.

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