Kiki the Koala & her newborn Joey Crochet Pattern

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After a terrible bushfire season in Australia that reduced the koala population significantly, Kiki the koala welcomes a newborn joey bringing hope and joy back to the local community. 
Dressed in native flowers and leaves, Kiki is a glowing new mother, celebrating new life and her new love.

I have used DMC Natura Just cotton yarn with the colours:

003 - Sable - light grey
039 - Ombre - dark brown
083 - Ble - yellow
079 - Tilleul - light green
081- Acanthe - light orange
006 - Rose Layet - light pink

1 ball of grey, and less than 50g of each other colour will be enough.

I have used DMC Happy Chenille yarn for the fluffy white part of the Koala’s ear:
020 - Snowflake - white

*Alternatively, you can use white DMC natura cotton yarn (001 - Ibiza - white)


Black embroidery thread 

2.25mm crochet hook

Safety eyes (8 mm)

Toy stuffing

Yarn needle

Stitch Markers



You can use any yarn of your choice, just adjust your crochet hook according to the yarn fibre.


Skill level: beginner-intermediate

Size: Kiki measures approximately 16 cm // 6.5 inches, when made with the above materials. Baby Joey measures approximately 7 cm // 3 inches.