Mandrakes & Pot Crochet Pattern

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These Mandrakes haven't quite matured, so their screams won't be fatal, however, auditory protection is highly recommended before the completion of this pattern.
This sale is for the purchase of the mandrakes digital PDF pattern. In the pattern, there are 3 different mandrake expressions to create: sleepy, cute and angry, along with 3 different plant topper options. Your mandrake can be customised to your liking. The pattern also includes a pot design for your mandrake to sit in, so whenever you need to grasp your mandrake to re-pot, it can easily come out.
This PDF crochet Pattern contains 8 pages of information and photos so that you can create your own mandrake
- This pattern uses US crochet terminology
- The pattern is worked in rounds and rows
- Skill level is intermediate
- Any yarn of your choice with the colours green, brown, dark brown, light green, pink, mustard, beige
- In the photo example I have used Scheepjes stonewashed using the colours Boulder Opal, Brown Agate, Canada Jade, New Jade, Enstatite, Axinite, Rose Quartz
- Fibre fill (toy stuffing)
- Black embroidery thread
- 3.5 mm crochet hook, or hook size relevant for the yarn you choose, plus a smaller size hook for the mandrake brow - I used a 2.75mm
- 10mm safety eyes
- Scissors, pins, stitch markers, tapestry needle, sewing needle, sewing thread
- optional: wooden disc or cardboard to make the base of the mandrake pot more secure
Mandrakes measures approximately 29 cm / 10.5 inches tall when using the above materials.
You may sell items created from this pattern provided credit is given in any listings or advertising as per below:
"Pattern designed by Blue Sparrow Handmade Co @bluesparrowhandmade"